• Which internet browsers do you support? +

    The following internet browsers are supported. Earlier versions may work but you may not experience optimal performance.

    • Internet Explorer 8.0 and above (Windows)
    • Firefox 6.0 (Macintosh OSX 10 and Windows XP+)
    • Safari 5.5 (Macintosh OSX 10 and Windows XP+)
    • Opera 11.61 (Macintosh OSX 10 and Windows XP+)
    • Google Chrome (Windows XP+)
  • Are there any additional requirements? +

    Javascript, cookies and images will need to be enabled - this will be the default status of a new computer. To view virtual tours you will also need a Java Virtual Machine enabled which can be downloaded from Sun Microsystems - www.java.com.

    Adobe Acrobat, Create and share Adobe PDF documents with Acrobat software, the essential PDF solution for business. Now create seamless document portfolios with a wide variety of content, help protect your documents and easily create and manage electronic forms - www.adobe.com

  • Which screen resolution do you recommend? +

    We recommend you view the site at a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768.

  • Currency selection options? +

    On the home page simply select the currency of your choice and the entire data base of the Statons properties will default into this currency - enabling you to view all of our properties in your selected currency.

    Don't worry about the conversion rates as the currencies are Dynamic and therefore continually up to date.

  • Language translate options? +

    On the home page simply select the Google Translate button located just below the main property search tool and the entire Statons website will revert to your selected language!

  • Who are Statons Estate Agency and what do they do? +

    With six networked Hertfordshire and North London branches (located in Totteridge, Hadley Wood, Hadley Green, Barnet, Radlett and Brookmans Park) and our vast network of international buyers through our associates in Mayfair, Moscow, Monaco, China and the U.S.A., Statons Estate Agents are perfectly placed to showcase all that this wonderful region has to offer for an unparalleled quality of life.

    These offices are not franchised with the limitations that imposes, each office is a key component of the Statons team, with constant communication ensuring that everyone knows which properties are on the market across the entire area. This means that when Statons are instructed to sell your home, you engage the services of all of our branches and over 25 negotiators.

  • Does it cost anything to register or find a property? +

    No, it does not cost anything to search or register for properties.

  • How do I register as a property purchaser or tenant? +

    On the Statons 'Home Page' go to the top right hand side of the page, there you will see 'Register' click on there and this will take you to our simple 'Site User Registration Page' procedure.

  • What are the benefits of being registered with Statons Estate Agents? +

    There are no charges.

    Create your own property portfolio - You will be in control of all your interests. You won't need to start a search again. Just save the properties that you are interested in once and you can revisit them as many times as you like. Save, edit, and delete your portfolio as much as you please. There isn't an expiry period, unless you un-register with us.

    You will have access to our state of the art Statons iPhone APP and SMS/MMS mobile alert service, as well as sending an email you can text a property straight to your partner, family or friend's mobile phone and they will receive the property within minutes which includes photos of the properties together with complete details. Our iPhone APP and MMS (Media Messaging Service) data is sent at the same speed and file size as a normal standard SMS (Short Messaging Service).

    We can automatically e-mail you with our 'Property Match' Service. How the system works? - Any new properties that are registered on to our site that match your search criteria preferences, you get to know about it first! - Select your preference; either E-Mail, iPhone APP, MMS, SMS or phone call.

    We'll send you email updates as frequently as you request, or until you tell us to stop sending them.

    You can change or delete your email updates whenever you wish simply by clicking the "Your e-mail Updates" link above the menu bar.

    We will not send you unsolicited emails unless you specifically "Opt In" to receive mailings from us or third parties.

    You will be asked to confirm your search criteria, and tell us how often you'd like to receive updates from us.

    As a registered member you have the option to receive our comprehensive email Newsletter / What's New information service.

  • How do I cancel my registration? +

    Your registration is indefinite, if you would like to cancel your registration at any time, simply do this by going into your account settings through your personal property portfolio (My Statons) and closing your Statons registration. How do I cancel 'Email, iPhone APP, MMS or SMS Alerts?' If you would like to cancel any alerts that you are receiving, simply follow the cancellation instructions at the bottom of the alerts you receive from Statons and also by un-ticking the tick box, by going into your account settings through your personal property portfolio (My Statons) and changing your personal settings.

  • I've forgotten my password - what do I do? +

    On the Statons "Home Page" go to the "Sign in" area located on the top right hand side of the page, click on there and you will go to the password reminder section. All you have to do is enter your email address and your password will immediately be sent to you via your email address registered with us.

  • Can I change my password? +

    If you would like to change your password at any time, simply do this by going into your account settings through your personal property portfolio (My Statons) and changing your password here.

  • My property search details are incorrect how can I change them? +

    You can do this once you reach a search results page, by adding new search criteria and clicking 'Save Search' and then select the search you wish to amend, and then click on 'Amend My Search' button. You are also able to delete saved searches from the same area by selecting the search you wish to delete and then clicking 'Delete'.

  • How do I 'Request Further Details' or 'Arrange Viewing'? +

    Simply click the links and send your email which will be received directly by our dedicated and highly trained staff. Once the Statons Estate Agency receives your email to either:

    'Property Enquiry' or 'Arrange a Viewing'

    We will contact you directly by your preferred method of communication as requested by you and at a time that you stipulate. Would you like to register now? Click here.

  • How do I search for property on Statons website? +

    You are able to search for properties in four ways:

    1 – Postcode Search

    Just simply type in the Postcode of the area you are interested in and select – Search

    2 - Property ID

    Fast Track Search Simply type in on the home page our Property ID Number, this number may have been sent to you via email or our iPhone APP, MMS / SMS texting option though a friend or relation. You may know the number from a past visit to our network or from a printed version for the property where the reference number appears on the top left side of the description details.

    3 - Country search

    Fast Track Simply select the country of your choice and select GO! This option will transport you to the country you select without entering any personal search options or preferences.

    4 - Advanced search

    Select GO! This option will allow you to create an advanced search for your personal property requirements.

    5 - Quick search

    Fast Track Select the boxes in the table to allow a quick search of the properties / Investments or Land & Plots Statons has available from your personal selection criteria.

    Then select GO!

  • I am looking to purchase from abroad, how are the currencies displayed? +

    The currencies are displayed in the local currency of the country that you are looking to purchase in by automatic default, simply convert the entire TWPN website by selecting the currency button on the home page.

  • What area will my search results cover if I expand the location? +

    The radius for searches tool on Statons is measured from the central point of your original search. The central point is defined as the middle point between the furthest North, South, East and West points. All searches which increase the radius do so from the central point by the distance specified, and will always include the original search area.

  • Why don't you recognize the location I type in? +

    The most common reason for this is misspellings. Double check your location to make sure you spelt the place name or entered the postcode correctly. Alternatively try searching using the maps or drill down lists to see if you can find the area you are searching for.

  • How do I save a property to a shortlist / 'My Statons Portfolio'? +

    You can easily save properties that interest you. Click on add to portfolio from the search results or property page.

    We respect the privacy of our registered members. We will not send you unsolicited emails or pass your name to any of our partners, unless you specifically "opt in" to receive mailings from us or third parties.

    Thereafter, just click save property whenever a property interests you. You can see your list of saved properties by clicking on "My Statons" link above the menu bar. How often are the properties / land & plots updated on the Statons Website?

    Properties are updated continuously, we have developed a detailed automated system which automatically refreshes the status being updated.

  • How about duplication of properties and land / plots? +

    Our site has been designed and created in order to not allow duplication of properties. If a property is attempted to be listed and already exists on our system, our 'Quality control' automated system will prevent the uploading of the property, land or plot.

  • Is it your intention to change the design of the website? +

    We consider our website to be 'Work in Progress' on a continuous basis.

    We are the biggest critics of our business and are always looking at ways to improve the user experience so we openly invite all kinds of feedback as to how we can improve the software and site allowing us to evolve our business model. And to this end ask for ongoing feedback. Please email us on feeback@Statons.com

  • Can I contact Statons to help me find a property? +

    Yes, we are here for you, please review our “Contact Us” page, and either, call, email or visit one of our offices, the Statons staff will be pleased to assist you.

  • I don't understand some of the abbreviations on the site - can you tell me what they mean?

    GCH Gas Central, GFCH Gas Fired Central Heating, INC. Inclusive, NEG Negotiable, OCH Oil Central Heating, OIEO Offers in the Excess of, OIRO Offers in Region of, PCM Per Calendar Month, POA Price on Asking, PROF Professionals, PW Per Week, SSTC Sold Subject To Contract, U/O Under Offer, VGC Very Good Condition, WC Water Closet – Toilet

  • Who should I contact if I have further questions on the site? +

    For general enquiries please email support@Statons.com

  • What should I do if my enquiries are not being answered? +

    As a valued registered client of Statons we take pride in delivering the very best service and in an environment of speed and efficiency.

    If your enquiry is of a general nature please contact us at our Customer Services department support@Statons.com. If you are not receiving the level of service that you expect from us then please contact our Management directly on feedback@Statons.com, who will respond immediately.

  • Your feedback counts! +

    All users to this website are clearly important to the long term benefits, it is for this reason Statons is providing a customer feedback section, found on the Home Page, 'Feedback'.