5 Tips to help you sell your property this Spring

First Impression –First impressions are everything! Make sure potential purchasers are not put off before they even open the door by making the first view they get of your property as appealing as possible. Look at the front of your house as a stranger would and make adjustments accordingly; add a pretty plant pot, give the front garden some TLC, clear away leaves or stray footwear from the entrance.

Odour –The aroma of your house is really very important when you are selling. The aroma of a fresh pot of coffee or freshly baked bread are great but not very realistic when viewings can occur at the drop of a hat. A simple diffuser should be effective at keeping your property smelling pleasant.

Clean & Tidy – It sounds so simple but this really is vital. Have a really good tidy out before even considering putting your house on the market. You want to make your house seem as spacious as possible so clear work surfaces are a must. The cleaner the property the more inviting it will be to potential purchasers.

Temperature – A freezing cold house will put people off instantly because it won’t feel homely and viewers will want to get out as quickly as possible. Keep the heating on at about 15 degrees as this will prevent people shivering during the viewing as well as preventing your pipes from bursting.

Pets –Try to keep evidence of your pet to a minimum. Not only can they carry odours but not all potential buyers will be animal lovers so could potentially be put off by pet paraphernalia such as food bowls and litter trays.

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05-02-2016 16:29:27