Our lettings team have received a lovely testimonial from a satisfied applicant:

"Hi Yolanda/Simon,

I meant to get in touch earlier but things have been so busy since we moved home.

I wanted to reach out to you both formally and thank you for the great support and service that you have given us since we were introduced.

This is the second house we have rented from Statons and your team has consistently excelled in all the areas that we found important to help us choose our next home.

From understanding our brief and selecting appropriate homes to organising appointments to finally discussing and ultimately finalising the rental agreements our experience has been an extremely positive one.

It can be a very long, uncertain and stressful process choosing a home to commit to and we do not intend to do it again any time soon, you have found us a lovely home here [...], but if we ever do, there is no doubt or question that we would come straight back to Statons.

As you may recall I was called away urgently a few days before our move date due to a bereavement, [...] I will always be grateful to you for stepping in to help make sure that all went smoothly during that hand over period.

Once again, thank you and keep up the good work.


Mr and Mrs T - From Brookmans Park

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23-03-2015 10:59:20