Yolanda from our Lettings Office and Louisa from our Totteridge Office have both received glowing testimonials from happy clients recently:

"Dear Mr Staton,

For the last 18 months I have rented my house [...] through Statons. I have had two tenants [...] On both occasions I have been dealing with Yolanda Garrett.

Rarely do I experience the exceptional level of customer service that Yolanda provides. She is always accessible, polite and able to think quickly on her feet. Sometimes with tenants’ demands and dealing with a landlord who is in a different country, as is the case here, it can be problematic handling teething issues but Yolanda does this with aplomb.

Today was just one example of how Yolanda helped with communication issues with the tenants about how to activate the heating and hot water. Through great communication and taking ownership, she ultimately made sure that the customers’ were satisfied. As a result, Mr and Mrs [...] and their young children will have hot water tomorrow and I am a very happy landlord that has a higher appreciation of Statons."

Mr. A - From Hadley Wood

"Dear Nick & Lawrence,
I wanted to write to you to tell you personally how pleased I am with the work that Louisa in your Totteridge office has put into the sale of my house [...] in Totteridge. Louisa worked tirelessly to secure the sale and has had to deal with a particularly difficult purchaser, which she did with consummate skill. I even had my lawyer saying to me how impressed she was with Louisa (and they have never met or worked together prior to this).

In a time of lacklustre customer service, it is refreshing to encounter someone who bucks the trend. This has been a protracted and difficult sale process and its success is in large part down to Louisa 's determination & professionalism. I wanted to bring that to your attention.

Yours sincerely"

Mr. K - From Totteridge

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