News: Why sell or buy property through Statons?

Why buy or sell property though Statons?

Because now 96% of all property buyers and sellers start their journey via the internet (Source UK Sky News), and our upgraded website and substantial investment is helping both our vendors and clients alike. Our website truly caters for a global market, which we passionately believe is dynamic and effective for 2014 international property trading.

Over the last few weeks and since we launched our new website we have attracted interest from:

85 different countries.

Heat Map

(This heat map illustrates which countries are using the site and gives us an indication of which countries have the most users; the darker the blue the more people there are viewing the Statons website.)

864 different cities.

Dot Map
Top 10 cites that viewed this week:

1. London
2. Dubai
3. Beijing
4. Lagos
5. Hong Kong
6. Athens
7. New York
8. Malaga
9. Key Biscayne
10. Melbourne

(Our dot map demonstrates the spread of these cities.)

Our site has been viewed in 51 different languages worldwide

We have attracted over 12,000 unique visitors who have viewed over 156,000 pages on our site over the past month.
These facts demonstrate that Statons truly caters to, and therefore attracts, a broad and international market, making it quicker and easier to buy or sell your property.

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07-05-2014 09:38:30