Unlisted Properties

For various reasons, some of our properties are kept Unlisted and not available to the "Open Market"

Let us explain:

Off-market, or more correctly "low-key" sales are where we market a property without the usual advertising, website and portal exposure.

The technique has generally only been used in the past e.g. where a celebrity vendor required a discreet sale.

But you can use it too, to your advantage, here is some background information relating to our "Unlisted" properties:

  1. Discretionary Sellers:

    Discretionary sellers are beginning to reappear in the market. These are people who may sell if the right buyer comes along but they do not wish to be seen to be formally on the market yet, especially if they haven't told friends and family.

  2. Not Overexposed:

    Low-key marketing reduces the risk of the property going stale due to overexposure at the wrong price. This enables you to try an ambitious figure to selected buyers for a limited period of time and you might get lucky – especially in a rising market.

  3. Attracts Buyers:

    Counter-intuitively, off-market properties are very attractive to buyers. Everyone wants something that others cannot access and this approach can stimulate interest in a property that a regular advert might not have attracted.

  4. More Viewings:

    The more a buyer can tell about a property from a website, portal or property details, the less they need to actually see it! However, if, from your verbal description, if the property is in the right area, is within their price range, of the right size, style and condition – then why would they not view it?

  5. More Offers:

    If the buyer knows that the property has not yet formally hit the market, they know they'll need to make an offer that ensures it does not!

Statons Unlisted FAQ's
  • Q. "How will I find buyers if the property is not being advertised?"

    A. We have plenty of other properties in this price range which are indeed being advertised and which attract buyers daily. We then hand-select those buyers we feel are best suited to your property so you’ll only ever receive viewings from well-qualified buyers.

  • Q. "As we are not formally marketing the property, will we still need an EPC?"

    A. Technically we are formally marketing the property, albeit in a low-key way. So an EPC will still be required.

  • Q. "As your advertising costs are reduced, presumably you’ll be charging me a reduced commission?"

    A. I’m afraid our fees are not related to our costs, but to our ability to get you the very best price the market will pay, within a timescale that is convenient for you.

    In fact, there is arguably more work involved in offering what is essentially a much more proactive service than just advertising your property and waiting for the phone to ring, which is what some agents do!

That doesn't go to say that you cannot view these properties, but you may have to contact us by telephone in order to ensure that you receive all property listings including the unlisted properties.

As a potential buyer, we are happy to supply you with listings of properties to your requirements and when a suitable property is available but Unlisted, you may request information about this property by contacting Nick Staton directly.

Yours sincerely

M: +44 (0)7970 700 600
E: nick@statons.com