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Statons Offices Now Open 

As you will have no doubt heard on the news, the Government have allowed estate and letting agents to re-open and visit people's homes to carry out market appraisals and viewings...

We have taken a cautious approach to re-opening, but I'm pleased to confirm that as of this Monday all of our offices are now open, although very carefully applying the necessary social distancing.

We would therefore, ask that if you intend to visit us, please call first to make an appointment, as at the moment we are not accepting casual visitors to avoid any distancing issues. 

Our primary concern is for the safety and wellbeing of both staff and clients, so we will continue to closely follow the government guidelines. These ensure, as much as is reasonably possible, a safe working environment for our staff and visitors alike.

We have also prepared clear guidance and working procedures should we be invited into the homes of our clients to carry out viewings or market appraisals. I'm happy to share this information, should you require clarification, please contact me here.

Home Offices 

Unsurprisingly, over the past few months, we have been inundated with enquires for homes that provide space for home working. Whether that be homes with an extra room or existing study/office to homes with a completely separate self-contained space. So this week, we've put together a list of our TOP TEN most searched properties with home offices. See link below.  

A Virtual World

You may remember from our previous emails that we have been offering both market appraisals and view appointments virtually, by video from your smartphone. so although our offices are now open, If you would prefer to communicate virtually we are happy to continue to offer this service. To arrange either please contact your local office. 

As always, If you would like to discuss your property requirement with me directly please email me here. 

Please stay safe and well. 


OUR TOP 10 - Properties with home offices

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Our new TOP TEN properties offering home office space. If you have a wish list for your ideal property, let us know and we'll put together your very own top 10.



Virtual Property Appraisal

Our new ‘Virtual Property Appraisal’ service is available to homeowners requiring help establishing the current market value of their property, without the need for us to visit you personally. 




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