An outstanding review for Royal Connaught Park!

Royal Connaught Park


The Avenue, Bushey, London, WD23 2LW

“Just 8 short weeks ago we waved a relieved goodbye to the last of our packing boxes and took control of our new lives at RCP. There were many times through those last months when we thought it would never happen. Because just two or three days before exchanging contracts on our home of 39 years, lockdown struck.  We were now, like everyone else, in Covid limbo.  We reinstated our partially packed-up house and we hunkered down through spring and early summer, until the easing of regulations meant we could rekindle negotiations with our purchasers. Amazingly they were still interested and the sale went ahead.

We are so grateful to Julie and the team in the marketing suite for keeping us sane and grounded through all the final preparations for our move.

Finally, at the end of June, we arrived at RCP. And now it feels (in a good way!) that we have been here forever. Unexpectedly we have not been pining for our house nor especially the garden (our refuge all through lockdown). And we have been overwhelmed by the friendliness of the other residents who have made us feel so welcome.

We have also been so impressed by the level of after-sales support we have received. Every little snagging detail has been speedily addressed and put right.

We are enjoying our new lifestyle hugely, walking the many local footpaths and parks, as well as the beautiful grounds. And now that finally the leisure suite is open for business after Covid regulations closed it down, we are enjoying the (acceptably socially distanced) gym and swimming pool too.

It has not been easy making that huge life-style change after so many happy years in our family home. Down-sizing was not an easy process and we had many doubts and misgivings, none of it made any easier by the unavoidable delays of lockdown, but since we moved in we have had no further doubts: we made the right choice and look  forward, we hope and pray, to many happy and healthy years at RCP.”

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