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Properties Not Available On The Open Market

Undisclosed Properties from Statons. Everyone has their own motivation for moving, and this motivation can also influence how they wish their property to be sold.  This is why some of our properties are kept unlisted, and are not available on the open market. Let us explain:


This is the process of marketing a property for sale in a low-key manner.  Forgoing what could be classed as normal marketing methods, such as website and portal exposure, as well as advertising, ‘discreet’ selling is often used, for example, when a celebrity vendor wishes to protect their anonymity.  But choosing to have your property unlisted is not only for those with a public profile.

Discretionary Sellers

Viewing a dream property is often the deciding factor for a discretionary seller to place their home on the market publicly.  Until they have found this property they may not have informed their family and friends of their intention to move, so might wish their current home to remain unlisted.  We’re actually seeing a growing number of discretionary sellers reappearing in the market.

Confidential Database

Some buyers have very specific requirements, some know the neighbourhood or Street they want to live in, indeed some know the exact property they want to buy should it become available. Other buyers have a very specific property requirement, an indoor pool, gym, separate home office, garage for 3 cars etc, etc.

Over the years, at Statons we’ve created a confidential database of these exclusive buyers and their often very particular requirements.

Reducing Overexposure

Unlisting your property allows us to play with an ambitious sales figure.  The risk of pricing too high is that your property could put off buyers and potentially sit on the market for a long period and become stale.  Due to the continuous marketing efforts during this period, it can be overexposed.  With unlisted properties, we avoid this overexposure and are able to test the waters with the asking price, especially in a rising market.

More Desirable

When something is inaccessible it can become more desirable to many.  Buyers find it hard not to be attracted to an unlisted property; the exclusivity of being invited for viewing only heightens the property’s appeal.

Higher Quality Offers

The fear of buyers who view an unlisted property is that it will be released on the open market and they will miss out on their chance to purchase.  We often see higher quality offers made for these properties as buyers don’t waste time in ensuring they secure a sale.

Statons Undisclosed FAQs

If The Property Is Not Advertised, How Do You Attract Buyers?

Every day buyers who are looking to purchase in the area will have seen the advertised properties we have available and will have contacted us.  We take time to understand each buyer’s wants and needs and can therefore identify those who we believe are best matched to your home and invite them for a viewing.

Q – Do You Still Need An EPC If Your Property Is Being Marketed Discreetly?

A – Yes, even though your property is unlisted it is still available for sale and therefore requires an EPC.

Q – Do We Pay A Lower Commission Having Our Property Undisclosed?

A – We always aim to get you the very best price for your property, regardless of the way it is being marketed, therefore our fees are the same should you choose to have it unlisted or not.

As a potential buyer, we are happy to supply you with listings of properties to suit your requirements, and when a suitable property is available but is unlisted, you may request information about this property by contacting Nick Staton directly.

Yours sincerely

Nick Staton

Hadley Wood Office

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