Property Appraisal Service from Statons

The Value Of Your Property

Assessing the potential for your property and giving an opinion as to the sale value is an important first step of the sales process. When your property is first launched to the market the price must be a true and fair reflection of its value.

Whether your home is a cosy period cottage or an extensive country estate, Statons unrivalled knowledge of your area enables us to provide an accurate market appraisal of your most prized possession – your home.

Getting The Best Possible Sale Price

At Statons we have an unequalled pedigree in selling properties in your area and it is our knowledge that helps us provide the most up-to-date accurate assessment on the potential for each individual property. Our aim is to achieve the best possible sale price for your home and with our excellent communication skills, we will work closely, with you, the client, to ensure your complete satisfaction. With our knowledge of a potential buyer’s expectations, you will be offered advice on anything you could do to quickly enhance the value of your home.

Home Staging Service

A home staging service is available if required, to assist in creating a desirable lifestyle for potential purchasers to buy into. At an initial meeting, you will be presented with a free full market appraisal which will provide you with a figure the property is expected to achieve on the open market and a proposed figure at which the property should be presented to the market in order to achieve an offer as close as possible to the target price. We will also show you a number of similar properties that we have successfully sold in your area, in some cases even in your road, and others which we are currently marketing to give a fair and current comparison.

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‘Over 70% of people, buy homes within a 10-mile radius of where they are currently living’. It is the Statons knowledge, reputation and total market coverage that ensures those buyers know about all the properties that are available to them’.

Knowledge, experience and premium results

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