Guide To Creating Video Tours

Guide To Creating Video Tours

Video Tour Guide

This Guide To Creating Video Tours is aimed at homeowners that would like to produce a video tour of their home, the tour will be used during the current government lockdown and will be sent to validated active buyers currently looking to move once restrictions are lifted –

1). Have A Plan

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Think about the route you are going to take, generally, we would start at the front of the property, perhaps from the street, so that viewers will have a reference point and an understanding of the immediate location and the approach to your home.

From opening the front door, have the plan clearly set out of how you will showcase each room, the key points to highlight, where you will stand, the camera angle and how to pan the camera to get the best shots.

Have a couple of practice runs first and you’ll soon get the knack.

2). What To Say

As above, it’s important to have a plan, have a few words written down for each room that highlight the features and benefits, not a script, keep it real and not over produced.

Think about what you liked about the property when you first visited, although keep it simple and relevant and remember, less is more!

3). Preparation

Prepare your home as if you were expecting an actual viewing, remove clutter and make sure it’s clean and tidy.

It really is worth taking as many of your personal effects out of the shot as possible.

Have all doors open, this creates a feeling of space and openness as well as making filming easier, not having to open and close doors.

4). Photography

Hold the camera (Phone) steady, with slow easy movements.

5). Lighting

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Lighting is a critical element when shooting any video, good natural light is ideal, so chose a nice sunny day, consider the time of day you intend to shoot the video when the sun shows your home at it’s best.

Not all rooms will be naturally light, so where this is the case, make sure that the lights a switched on before you start the video. Generally, most rooms will benefit from additional lighting, so as part of the trial run, try each room with the lights on and off and see which works best.

8). Salient Features

Finally, remember to mention and show your homes best features, things like the Ceiling height, rooms with a view, storage space, the garage or parking, special features, security (not too specific), brands of kitchen appliances and white goods if appropriate.

We hope you enjoy this Guide To Creating Video Tours, good luck and enjoy!

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